the founders

Hi :)

Our names are Miranda and Michael and this is our brand, Gorge Offroad. Welcome!  

Founded in 2021 after a long, dull, pandemic and needing a creative change, Miranda and Michael decided to put their heads together to start a clothing brand focused on their favorite subject: the outdoors.

Growing up in Idaho, Miranda was always around the outdoors and gained a solid appreciation of it at a very young age. Be it camping, mudding, or hiking, she was always excited for a new adventure. As she grew up, she moved to many different states and started to learn more about overlanding and road trips, eventually making it a regular thing. During this time she was also actively practicing her art and design skills, working to help launch many other companies by providing logos, websites, photo editing, and more. 

Michael has been no stranger to the outdoors, himself. Moving from place to place and eventually ending up in the beauty of the PNW sparked a love in him that could not be replaced. Over the last few years, Michael has spent thousands of hours building up his 3rd gen Toyota 4Runner making it ready for the crawl and has taken several offroading trips ranging from easy to extremely difficult since then.

With Miranda as an artist and designer and Michael as an avid outdoorsman, Gorge Offroad Apparel was born.

about The Giveback initiative

When creating Gorge Offroad, the goal was not only to have a cool product that we could share with the PNW but also to have the ability to give back to the customers that purchased products from a local PNW company. We started The Giveback Initiative based on the concept that if you trust us to give your business to, we want to return the favor by possibly giving you a gift for purchasing. 

Miranda Mansfield


Michael Klann